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Shopify is a powerful online retail tool, allowing you to sell your own products. Once you have opened an account, the work you upload to Creative Hub will automatically appear there and you’ll be able to make it available to buy.

Shopify allows you to make your work available to buy, personalise the look of your store, and add information about yourself. It is the only part of this process that your customers will see, and it where they will be making their purchases.

Shopify is a paid service, and you will need to ensure your subscription is paid in order for your store to remain available.

With Shopify you don’t need to worry about online security, hosting or maintenance; everything is included in the price. However, whenever a customer makes a purchase, Shopify will deduct a small amount of the total paid as a transaction fee. It is important to factor this in when setting your prices.

Another advantage of Shopify is it has excellent documentation and help available.

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Piki Kiwi gives you all the information you need to get started, but sometimes it’s easier just to pay someone else to do it. We can set everything up for you and make your store look as good as your work.

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