What is
Creative Hub?

Uploading, prices & orders

Creative Hub is where you will need to upload your files before they can be made available for sale.

Creative was developed by ThePrintSpace, and is used by their regular customers as well as all Piki Kiwi stores.

It allows you to upload your files, set your sizing, paper stock and pricing, and manage your customer orders. It has lots of different functions, but we only need to use a couple of them to get started. You will need to create a Creative Hub account if you do not already have one.

Using Creative Hub is free, but you will need to add your payment details to pay for printing and postage once you make a sale.

More creative, less hub?

Piki Kiwi gives you all the information you need to get started, but sometimes it’s easier just to pay someone else to do it. We can set everything up for you and make your store look as good as your work.

Let us help you  

What can I do with Creative Hub?

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