Set up your Shopify account

Discover how easy it is to sell your work

Shopify is an easy to use platform for creating online stores, and connects to your Creative Hub account via the Creative Hub app.

Hundreds of thousand of people use Shopify to sell things online, and there’s lots of ways to make your store reflect your personal style.

Using Shopify for your store means you do not need to worry about taking payments, online security or hosting costs.

Before you sign up to Shopify, you should setup your Creative Hub account and upload some work.

Step 1

Create an account

Shopify is a paid service but there is a 14 day free trial to get your started. When you get started Shopify charges you $29 per month and a transaction fee of of 2.2% and 20p per sale.

Before you sign up, we’d ask you to use a special link provided here. Everytime this link gets used, Piki Kiwi recieves a small amount of money from Shopify (it’s called an affilate link). This money helps us provide these guides for free and our paid products cheap. Using the affilate link is optional so don’t feel obliged. Sign up to Shopify (normal link)

Sign up to Shopify  

Step 2

Connect the Creative Hub app

To get started you need to make sure you are logged into both your Creative Hub account and your Shopify store. Once you have done that you can get the app from the Shopify App store and add your account details.

This video shows you that process, and how to make your uploaded images available for sale.

Get the app  

Step 3

Choose a theme

A theme makes your store stand out, and can make your work more appealing. All Shopify stores comes with a basic theme, and you can find free and paid themes online and in the Shopify Theme store.

Piki Kiwi has worked with artists and photographers to developed several exclusive themes and these are only available to Piki Kiwi customers. Each theme is easily customisable, and includes all the setup you need in the price.

Get exclusive Piki Kiwi Themes  

Step 4

Personalise your store

Once you’ve choosen a theme and added some work to sell, you can start to personalise your theme and group your work into collections.

Shopify has great documentation about how to create collections, customise your menus, and add information pages to your store.

On top of that, Piki Kiwi Themes has lots of options that make it easy to make your store stand out without having to know any code.

How to customise your Piki Kiwi theme  

Step 5

Add important information

Using the Pages section of your Shopify admin, you can add pages that tell your customers more about you and your work, and more about how Piki Kiwi makes it easy and safe to buy your work.

You can read about how to create pages on the Shopify support site, or premium packages come with boiler plate pages added for you.

You can even use your store as a blog and give your customers and fans regular updates about your work.

Read about Piki Kiwi Premium  

Step 6

Enter your payment information

Shopify is a paid service, and before you can sell any work or receive payment from your customers, you must enter your payment details.

You can use a normal bank account from any supported bank and we strongly recommend using Shopify Payments as your main method of taking payments.

You can read more about setting up payments on the Shopify support site.

Step 7

Connect your domain (optional)

When you create a new Shopify store, you automatically get a URL with which your customers can access your store. Ours is

However, if you want your store to look more established or want to associate with your existing site, using a proper domain name for your store is a good idea.

If you already have a domain name you want to use, you can find instructions on how to connect it to your store on the Shopify support site.

Alternatively all Piki Kiwi packages can have a domain name added to them for a flat yearly fee and are automatically connected to your store.

Get a Piki Kiwi package with domain name  

Step 8

Launch your store


Piki Kiwi gives you all the information you need to get started, but sometimes it’s easier just to pay someone else to do it. We can set everything up for you and make your store look as good as your work.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a powerful online retail tool, allowing you to sell your own products. Once you have opened an account, the work you upload to Creative Hub will automatically appear there and you’ll be able to make it available to buy.

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