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Everything you need to know to open your store

We want to make sure this process is as clear and easy to understand as possible, but there’s no escaping it’s got lots of different steps and some technical language. You don’t have to be a genius to set everything up, but if you get stuck, remember we can do all of this for you.

Before you get started, we recommend you read the How it works guide which introduces the companies mentioned below.

Step 1

Sign up to Creative Hub

Creative Hub is where you will upload your work before it appears in your store. It is owned and run by ThePrintSpace, and connects to your Shopify store.

You can also use it to set your prices and track the status of your store’s order. You can find out more about what it does in our What is Creative Hub? guide.

To use Creative Hub, you need to create an account. You will need an email address and a password.

Once you have signed up and confirmed your email address, you are ready to start uploading your work.

Creative Hub is free to use, but you will be charge for the printing and delivery costs for each of your orders.

Sign up to Creative Hub  

Step 2

Upload your work to Creative Hub

To be able to sell your work online you will need to upload it to Creative Hub and set the size and prices for each piece. It is important you upload the highest quality version of your work you have available, and at the largest size. The maximum file size you can upload to Creative Hub is 2Gb.

Remember that uploading large files can take a long time and require a good internet connection. You’ll be able to see the progress of your uploads within the site.

Let’s start by uploading one or two images to use while we set everything else up. This video will show you how to upload your images once you are logged into Creative Hub, and then set the prices for each image.

Step 3

Sign up to Shopify

Shopify is a service that powers hundreds of thousands of online stores around the world. It is easy to get started with, and has lots of powerful features for advanced users. Using Shopify for your store means you do not need to worry about taking payments, online security or hosting costs.

For your Piki Kiwi store, Shopify is where you will set the look and feel of your store, and manage how and where products are displayed. You can find more information in our What is Shopify? guide.

Shopify is a paid service but there is a 14 day free trial to get your started. When you get started Shopify charges you $29 per month and a transaction fee of of 2.2% and 20p per sale.

Before you sign up, we’d ask you to use a special link provided here. Everytime this link gets used, Piki Kiwi recieves a small amount of money from Shopify (it’s called an affilate link). This money helps us provide these guides for free and our paid products cheap. Using the affilate link is optional so don’t feel obliged. Sign up to Shopify (normal link)

Sign up to Shopify  

Step 4

Install the Creative Hub app

The Creative Hub Shopify app links your Creative Hub account to your Shopify store. Once you have done this, your uploaded images will start to appear within your Shopify account. After that your can choose whether to make them available with your store, or publish them to other sales channels such as your Instagram account. We’ll explain more in our Shopify guide.

To get started you need to make sure you are logged into both your Creative Hub account and your Shopify store. Once you have done that you can get the app from the Shopify App store and add your account details.

This video shows you that process, and how to make your uploaded images available for sale.

Get the app  

Step 5

Personalise your store

Shopify gives you a lot of control over how your store looks and how your products are displayed.

You can group products into Collections, and then direct customers to them by adding them to the menus.

Next, you can personalise your store by creating a Shopify theme with HTML + CSS, or by purchasing and customising a theme built by somebody else.

As part of Piki Kiwi’s Starter and Premium packages, we provide exclusive themes not available elsewhere. They were designed in collaboration with artists, photographers and designer and are easy to customise without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, Piki Kiwi themes are the only Shopify Themes developed in collaboration with ThePrintSpace and are 100% compatible with the Creative Hub app.

Read about Piki Kiwi themes.  

Step 6

Add your payment details

Shopify is a paid service, and in order for ThePrintSpace to print and deliver your orders they need to have your card details on file.

Don’t forget to add your payment details to both Shopify and Creative Hub.

In order for you to receive payments from your store and for your work to be printed and shipped, your payment details need to be added to both Shopify and Creative Hub.

Step 7

Tell the world!

Once everything is setup and you’ve tested it, you can make your store public and start to tell the world about your work. You can find out more about promoting your store and what to do next in our guides section.

Too many steps?

Piki Kiwi gives you all the information you need to get started, but sometimes it’s easier just to pay someone else to do it. We can set everything up for you and make your store look as good as your work.

Let us help you  

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