What is Piki Kiwi?

Piki Kiwi makes it easy to setup an online print store, without having to worry about printing, delivery or maintaining a website. Piki Kiwi is a partnership with ThePrintSpace, the UK’s most loved print service.

Do I have to upload images myself?

In almost all cases the best idea is to upload images to Creative Hub yourself, or ask a trusted friend to help you. However, Piki Kiwi can do this for you, but charges a premium for it. Get in touch if you would like to discuss further.

Do Piki Kiwi prices include Shopify monthly / yearly costs?

No, they do not. To keep your store active you must pay a monthly subscription to Shopify. This start at $29 per month. You can read more about this in our How much does it cost to run a store? guide

Does Shopify charge a transaction fee?

Yes, for each purchase made through your store Shopify charges 2.2% of the sale total plus 20p per sale.

Can I sell my work in multiple sizes?

Yes. When you upload your work to Creative Hub, and set an initial price, Creative Hub will automatically calculate the biggest size you can print that image. At this point, you are able to reduce that size, or create multiple different sizes at different price points.

Can I group my images by style or subject?

Yes. With Shopify you can group your images either into Collections or tags.

Can I choose what kind of print stock my work is printed on?

Yes. When you upload your work to Creative Hub, and set your pricing, you can choose what kind of print stock you wish to have your work printed on.

What currencies can my customers pay in?

By default, all stores are setup to take payment in GBP, but this requires your company have a UK bank account.

If you are based outside of the UK, the currency your store can accept is based on the Payment Gateways available for your country. You can see a full list of available Country specific Payment Gateways on the Shopify site.

It is important to note that if you are not taking payments in GBP, you need to convert the pricing and delivery cost of your prints to the currency you are accepting. This does not happen automatically.

Can I use a Piki Kiwi theme with my existing Shopify store?

Yes! You can buy a Piki Kiwi theme by itself and we’ll install it for you. All your existing products, collections and pages will work automatically.

How much is postage?

You will be charged £5 + VAT for each item dispatched from theprintspace, but you can set the amount your customers are charged with Shopify.

Can I add more images to a product?

Yes! If, for example, you wanted to add images showing the detail of a piece of work, you can add these to each product in Shopify.

What are the extra images that appear when I add a new item?

These images are automatically created by Creative Hub to help show your customers how big their print might be. You can delete them in Shopify if desired.

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